Cocoon is an international private investment organisation that identifies and invests its own funds and sometimes those of third party investors into ground-breaking opportunities that we believe can benefit from our unrelentingly inventive approach to financial engineering, strategy, and asset development.

We believe in the robust application of private equity principles to our investments but at the same time we are deeply protective of the businesses we back. Headquartered in Mayfair, Cocoon has substantial private investment holdings, spanning a diverse range of industries.

What we do

Cocoon is an international private investment organisation founded by Tim Levy, that seeks to identify disruptive opportunities which are often on the cusp of change.

We believe these opportunities will benefit from our:

  • aggressively inventive, flexible but decisive approach
  • expertise in financial engineering, tax IP and retail capital raising capabilities
  • strategic relationships and broad base of resources

As principal investors, we are:

  • Opportunistic – acting quickly when opportunities arise
  • Committed – investing our own capital alongside our partners
  • Results-driven – accelerating results through the application of private equity principles
  • Protective – supporting all our investee partners
  • Creative – developing high value, durable, world class assets
Inventive, early and fast. Setting light to opportunities.

Cocoon Values

The tenets we live by in all our interactions with stakeholders that help us achieve our objectives.


We believe in our products and always invest alongside investors


We are open and transparent at all times


We foster long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships


We support smart, driven, focused people in building businesses where fast growth opportunities arise


We are experts in the products and services we deliver

Investing, together.


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